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Problems with Activity Alerts

Alex (Dropcam)
posted this on October 17, 2013, 5:43 PM

Are you having trouble with your Activity Alerts? If so, the following tips may help! 



  Make sure detection is turned on


To start off with, you'll want to ensure that two settings called Detect Motion Events and Detect Sound Events are turned on in your camera's settings panel. To enable Dropcam to detect motion and/or sound:

Numberals-01resize.png Click the Settings icon Settings_Icon.png associated with your camera. You'll see this icon whenever you are viewing video or selecting your camera. It's on the right corner of your video window.                                                                               

Numberals-02resize.png In the General tab, at the top of the settings screen, scroll to the bottom and select which type of activities (motion and sound) you would like Dropcam to detect.




Dropcam will now detect the activities you selected. You can change which activities Dropcam detects anytime from the camera settings on your computer or mobile device.



  Choose how you receive your alerts


Now that you've made sure that your camera is detecting activities, you will want to make sure that your alerts are turned on, and that they are being sent to the appropriate devices.


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 4.36.32 PM.png


Numberals-01resize.png Navigate to the Alerts tab in your Dropcam settings.

Numberals-02resize.png Switch Alerts to "ON" to start receiving them on the device of your choice.

Numberals-03resize.png Check the box next to each type of alert you would like. *NOTE: You will need to have enabled either Motion or Sound Event Detection in Step 1*

Numberals-04resize.png Select the (+) icon next to "Send alerts to" to receive alerts 




Numberals-05resize.png To receive mobile alerts to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device, first download the Dropcam app for your device and login to your Dropcam account. You'll then be able to see your device on the Alerts tab. Alerts will be sent to these devices as "push" notifications. 


Numberals-03.png Additional information about Alerts

Alerts for motion and sound activities are only sent every 30 minutes. We do this to avoid "spamming" our customers with frequent notifications if you have your camera placed in a high traffic scene. 

Please be sure to check your "junk" or "spam" folder if you don't see any email notifications but you see activities logged on your CVR timeline. You may need to "allow" Dropcam or mark these emails "not spam" to make sure they arrive in your inbox.

Special note about iOS devices:

If you are using an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, have tried step 2 above, and still do not see your device under the Send alerts to: list, then you may have to enable notifications for the Dropcam app in iOS. 


Find your iOS Settings App on your home screen and tap on it. Once there, you'll want to tap on Notification Center.


Alerts1.png     Alerts2.png


Once in Notification Center, you will want to scroll down the list until you find the Dropcam app. Note that it may be located in the Do Not Include section. Tap on the Dropcam app when you find it, and you'll want to select either Banners or Alerts under Alert Style. 


Alerts3.png     Alerts4.png


Your iOS device should now be all set to receive push notifications from the Dropcam app!

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