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Does Dropcam have local storage?

Aamir Virani
posted this on May 12, 2012, 2:28 PM

Dropcam offers an optional cloud recording service where you can store the past 7 or 30 days of video. With this service you can also make and download clips of video that you want to save permanently.

Dropcam is designed to work only with Dropcam servers in order to provide a secure system where video can be accessed from anytime, anywhere. We decided to not store video locally for a few reasons.

Dropcam is convenient and easy to access anywhere

One of our goals with Dropcam is to massively simplify the process of home monitoring, and we believe cloud streaming and storage is key to that. Customers don't have to worry about managing a DVR system. 

Storing your video in the cloud allows you to review your video any time from any device. You can check what's going on at home from your work computer, or from the local coffee shop on your mobile device, like an iPhone or Android.

Dropcam is secure offsite storage

By being stored in the cloud, Dropcam video is protected from theft and other damage, ensuring that your video is always available anytime you need it.

If the power goes out or someone takes your camera, local storage would be inaccessible and you have no idea what happened. With cloud storage the video remains safe and offsite, so you can review the cause and respond appropriately. 

Many customers have their cameras stolen but are still be able to access footage of the incident because their video is in the cloud - with local storage options you can lose the video along with the camera.

For more information on Dropcam Cloud Service including pricing and the plans we have available, please visit our Cloud Service page.

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