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How much bandwidth does Dropcam use?

Aamir Virani
posted this on May 11, 2012, 7:11 PM

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Each Dropcam uses approximately 0.2Mbps of upload bandwidth, and depending on the conditions, can peak up to 0.5 Mbps. We recommend a high speed internet connection with at least 0.5 Mbps of upload bandwidth dedicated to each Dropcam. Please keep in mind that other devices connected to the same network will use some upload bandwidth as well, so you'll likely need a bit more upload bandwidth to maintain a steady connection.

If your camera is on Live Streaming only (no cloud video recording plan or free trial), video only streams to the cloud when you load the web viewer or mobile app viewer to begin viewing live video. Since Dropcam is not recording footage for Live Streaming cameras, video is not streaming constantly but only when you begin viewing your video. This helps reduce your bandwidth and data usage. As long as your camera is turned on, motion and sound detection remain active and you will receive event notifications for any activities.

How much bandwidth do you have available?

  • To determine your Wi-Fi network's upload bandwidth, please go to and click on "Begin Test" in the center of the screen. You'll need to do this from a laptop computer that is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Dropcam. Please don't use a mobile device for the speed test since you may be connected to a cellular network.

  • After the test is completed you'll be shown your upload and download bandwidth speeds. Remember, you'll need at least 0.5 Mbps of available upload bandwidth for each Dropcam: 1 Dropcam = 0.5 Mbps upload, 2 Dropcams = 1.0 Mbps upload. Note: Mbps = mega bits per second (not mega bytes per second)

  • We also recommend contacting your ISP to make sure you are getting sufficient upload bandwidth or to discuss how to increase your upload bandwidth.

Not enough bandwidth?

If you don’t have enough upload bandwidth to maintain a reliable connection or simply want to reduce the amount of bandwidth your Dropcam uses, we provide the following options:

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